Cleanest Beaches-Paphos

Locals and foreign visitors have the pleasure of enjoying their swim in the cleanest beaches of Europe and especially the ones of Paphos. This was proven recently through research that the European Union  had carried out. Based on the evidence found through this research, Cyprus is at the top of the catalog of countries having the best waters, with Paphos being the top with a total of 29 beaches.
According to the annual report of the European Union Commission and the European Environmental Organization 122 areas/ beaches have been checked in Cyprus which of, over 25% were found Paphos. The Paphos marketing & Tourist development organization expresses its great satisfaction and would like to congratulate all those who contributed in the recognition of Paphos and Cyprus as a whole. Also the Paphos tourist organization requests from the thousands of locals and foreign visitors to be very cautious in protecting our natural environment and to contribute in maintaining a clean environment for all of us to enjoy our summer.