Russians love Polis Chrysochous in Paphos.

The visit of the a four-member committee of Russian entrepreneurs from the Chamber of Rostov with Cypriot businessmen operating mainly in the Polis Chrysochous region was finalised yesterday, during which the strengthening of cooperation in various fields was discussed.

Polis Mayor Angelos Georgiou Odysseos said that during discussions there was a positive climate and stressed the continued cooperation and contacts between the two municipalities, noting that the two sides are close to an agreement in the fields of tourism and trade.
He added that during the visit, the four-member delegation met with the Board of Commerce and Industry of Paphos with which they signed a cooperation protocol, as well as with entrepreneurs and operators in the surrounding area of the Polis district.

The delegation of the Rostov Chamber was also met by the ambassador of Russia in Cyprus. The mayor also noted that, as regards tourism, "all indications and reports are positive and the new season and maybe even during autumn there will be some collaboration that will strengthen the tourism product of the region".

He added that within the visit of the Russian businessmen the prospect of associating the Airport of Rostov with the Paphos airport was examined while prospects appear to be available for investment in real estate. He further added that partnerships are also envisioned with regards to the transaction of agricultural products, mainly olive oil and wine.