Ryanair Flights from Paphos Airport

According to the announcement, the new Ryanair flight schedule to and from Paphos for summer 2013 includes the following routes: Norway Oslo-Rygge 1 flight / week, Sweden-Skavsta Stockholm 1 flight / week, Italy-Bolognia 2 flights / week, Bergamo Milan 2 flights / week, Ciampino Rome 2 flights / week, Belgium-Charleroi  2 flights / week, Germany-Dusseldorf 1 flight / week, UK-Manchester 2 flights / week-Stansted 5 flights / week, Poland- Kracow 3 flights / week, Lithuania-Kaunas 1 flight / week, Hungary-Budapest 2 flights  week, Greece-Thessaloniki 4 flights / week, Araxos -3 flights / week, Chania  5 flights / week, and Spain-Girona Barcelona 3 flights / week . The two Ryanair aircrafts that are based in the Paphos international airport is expected to perform about 39 incoming flights per week from 16 airports and 11 different destinations. The new program of 2013 is further enhanced with the new flights that have been included compared to 2012 and a significant increase is expected in individual visitors arriving in Paphos and Cyprus in general. Various other sectors ofthe economy such as different services, trade, restaurants, etc. will also be benefiting from this increase. Ryanair manages a fleet with over 250 aircraft and performs about 1400 flights daily, connecting 160 destinations.