Kamares Spring Garden Competition 2018

A large Spring Garden and Flower Competition is organized by the Leptos Group for its homeowners (around 5000) in the areas of Tala, Koili and Tsada. The focal point of the competition is the Kamares Village, which is adjacent to the historic monastery of Agios Neophytos and is celebrating this year its 40th anniversary.

The categories available for entrance are: Best Large Gardens and Best Hanging Basket Flowers. The prizes are awarded for first second and third in each category. All prize winners and participants will be invited to an evening cocktail ceremony at the Kamares Club.

This beautiful semi-mountainous area is a unique colorful window overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. The amazing traditional houses of the area with its colorful gardens are at the moment attractive both to natural beauty lovers as well as foreign buyers and investors seeking to find their dream home.
Applications can be delivered to the Kamares Club or submitted online to:
Email: Ricardo.Severini@LeptosEstates.com Email:  ElenaTh@LeptosEstates.com
Photo: The beautiful Leptos Kamares Village