LEPTOS ESTATES: The Pioneer in the creation of holiday homes in Cyprus and Greece


The Leptos Group with a leading presence in the Real Estate sector both in Cyprus and Greece since 1960, has an extensive property portfolio of high quality and aesthetically designed projects which stand out, particularly holiday homes.

In Cyprus, locals as well as foreign buyers choose mainly coastal dwellings, with more emphasis on the Paphos and Limassol provinces, known for their natural beauty, history and cosmopolitan character. In Greece, first choices are the beautiful islands of Crete, Santorini and Paros where buyers can find the home of their dreams.

Projects that stand out and attract which are unique in their form of architecture, design and landscape are the “Coral Bay Resort” and “Aphrodite Gardens” in Paphos, the “Blu Marine” and the “Limassol Park” in Limassol, as well as the “Aegean Blue” in Crete, “Santorini Villas” in Santorini and “Paros Gardens” in Paros. All projects are close to beautiful beaches and other stunning natural attractions, all with communal or private pools, lush gardens and green areas, children's playgrounds, offering property management and rental services.

This year Leptos Group accomplishes 60 years of successful business creation and is at the forefront of land and building development in Cyprus and Greece, constantly opening and expanding new horizons. Over its 60 years the philosophy of the people at the Group all these years is to create projects with a unique identity, high aesthetics, excellent quality with respect and sensitivity for the environment.

Photo: Leptos Group Holiday Homes in Cyprus and Greece.