Limassol Blu Marine - Investing in Europe’s New Riviera


Limassol, Cyprus Investment hub and a thriving business destination has been a foreign investment magnet for decades, transforming itself into a City with landmark buildings like Limassol Marina, Limassol Del Mar, the Oval and now the Blu Marine. Cyprus tax incentives, combined with a number of competitive advantages Limassol has, make it a very attractive destination for international business entrepreneurs and investors.

With residence, entertainment and business projects gravitating towards the coast, Limassol becomes the new door to investment in Cyprus holding the potential of a new future filled with opportunity and enrichment. Backbone infrastructure projects like the new Limassol Marina, the Dubai world cruise terminal the upgrading of the old port, the integrated resort Casino, My Mall Limassol, and the forthcoming Greens Golf Resort aim to further enhance the tourist, investment and business product and increase tourist arrivals from the highest markets as well as investment opportunities.

The City of Limassol is vibrant with change. All businesses, the entertainment, and upmarket residential scene are making a pivotal shift to the west making it the new vibrant city center. A total of 11 projects, including the development of luxury properties in Limassol, worth many millions of euros co-financed by the European Union Regional Development Fund are to give West Limassol a makeover. West Limassol has much to offer investors and business entrepreneurs looking for new opportunities in the Eastern Mediterranean and the Middle East areas.

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