Limassol Del Mar: rising to its absolute height


Having completed the concreting process of the 27th and final floor of the last building, the highly-anticipated project Limassol Del Mar now rises to its absolute height. The architectural design’s vision fully meets expectations, with its complete structure now materialised.


Leptos and D. Zavos Groups, the consortium companies behind the project are very proud of the overall result, attributing Limassol Del Mar’s success to the calibre of its internationally-acclaimed professional team.

Looking ahead, and in spite of difficulties caused by the pandemic, Limassol Del Mar retains its advantages, given that project completion financing within 2021 has been secured, and sales success is a given, considering there are only 30 apartments available for purchase. It is also important to remember that, parallel to the Plaza Del Mar’s sale and/or rental success, Limassol Del Mar has been rightfully ranked among the world’s 10 best development projects by ‘Country and Town House’ magazine.

Meanwhile, the Limassol Del Mar development has demonstrably boosted the local economy through investments, while employing hundreds of people towards its design and construction. Following its completion and the commencement of operations, the development will go on to create further direct and indirect employment opportunities.

As demonstrated in the Limassol Del Mar’s latest timelapse video below, the indoor areas are close to completion, and the main target for delivery of apartments and stores to owners remains within 2021.



At the same time, the implementation process of the project’s outdoor area design is currently in progress.

Cracknell, one of the world’s leading landscape architecture and urban design practices, is tasked with the creative design of the project’s outdoor areas, which carries the Mediterranean theme. Plaza Del Mar visitors will thus be able to enjoy the luxurious aesthetic of the outdoor areas, reflecting exclusive Mediterranean luxury. Cracknell’s creative vision for Limassol Del Mar clearly portrays the region’s sea, displayed in even the smallest of accents – from the plant selections and pavements, all the way to the outdoor furnishings, where curved lines echo the shaping of sand by seawaters.

Plaza Del Mar, the exclusive coastal commercial street of Limassol, is set to open its doors in 2021 for shops and dining areas, covering a total area of 4,230 sq.m. A number of stores have already been sold and/or rented to various retail investors, who will showcase high-end international fashion brands in their spaces. Additionally, another sales contract has recently been signed for the management of the commercial area’s sole restaurant and cafeteria.

The highly-anticipated Plaza Del Mar is expected to drive hundreds of visitors to the vibrant, ultra-desirable coastal city of Limassol, while offering easy access to its premises through the bespoke parking areas.

The multi-award-winning Limassol Del Mar, meanwhile, is a world-class development, with unobstructed sea views from all the apartments. This landmark Limassol project consists of luxury apartments, five-star facilities and services, a spa, as well as high-end shops and restaurants.