Limassol Del Mar: Transforming Limassol’s Seafront

Limassol Del Mar is an exclusive development located in the heart of the Limassol coastal area. Boasting superb beach views, this stunning new development comprises luxury residences, shops, bars and restaurants, and state-of-the-art facilities, including a spa, gym and clubhouse, as well as an outdoor and indoor swimming pool.

Its high-specs residences, all with unobstructed sea views, enjoy common area facilities and five star services, as well as after-sales and property management support. Signed by developers and architects of the highest esteem globally, Limassol Del Mar is a unique option for residence and investment opportunity.

This luxurious project also includes the development of a high-end shopping avenue of European standards, utilising the ground floor of the buildings, which is expected to become the ultimate shopping destination for local and foreign visitors.

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The project’s premises will also have the privilege to host a renowned restaurant and café which will become the new hot spot in town. Pantelis Leptos, Director of Leptos Estates,
The Leptos Group and Michalis Zavos, Ceo & Managing Director of D. Zavos Group spoke to Gold about the project and the real estate industry.

What has been the response to the project from potential buyers?

Pantelis Leptos: The real estate and construction sectors have kept recording growth rates in this current year and this growth indeed confirms the sector’s dynamic as well as its prospects. In this positive environment, the response from potential buyers has been high. The market has embraced the project and that’s proven by the referral leads we get from the business community. Sales of the first phase have already surpassed 40%, which records an unprecedented momentum for Limassol Del Mar. This significant percentage in pre-sales constitutes a market record, taking into consideration the short period of time within accomplished.

Michalis Zavos: This positive response is not only the result of the rising demand for real estate in Cyprus. It is due mainly to the profile and character of the project, which makes Limassol Del Mar not only a unique place in which to have a home but also a powerful investment opportunity, as we are still on pre-construction prices and very competitive since our apartment layouts are among the biggest in the market. There are numerous advantages that differentiate Limassol Del Mar from other projects, such as its self-sufficiency, its strong after-sales and management services, its location, exclusivity, architecture, view, apartment sizes, interiors and more.

How important is the project for the company and for Limassol?

Pantelis Leptos: This project is extremely important for our company, for Limassol and for the whole island. Limassol Del Mar is not just a luxurious development that is bound to become one of the main landmarks of Limassol. It is also a project that manifests the architectural and construction expertise of the company and its partners, which takes pride in considering it to be one of its most major achievements. For Limassol, this project translates as a development of architectural originality and modern design, which displays a cosmopolitan personality; it will be the town’s real jewel.

Michalis Zavos: It’s important to note that this investment is being carried out solely by Cypriot companies and funds. This new development not only aims to transform the Limassol seafront but mainly to boost the economy through investment and employment. Very soon, when construction work commences, we will employ hundreds of people directly and indirectly. Other than that, the project will be built on a plot of 34,000 square metres, of which 85% will be open spaces, public parking places and green areas. That is one of the biggest advantages of building high-rise. For the people of Limassol, Limassol Del Mar will be a meeting place for relaxation at a renowned restaurant and café. Through Limassol Del Mar, the town will obtain its own high-end shopping avenue of European standards which is expected to become the ultimate shopping destination for local and foreign visitors. Additionally, Limassol Del Mar means economic advancement and financial prosperity for Cyprus, not only through job openings but also through foreign investments.

Do you believe the luxury Real Estate sector is back on track following five difficult years?

Michalis Zavos: Yes. Property is still a favoured investment and a true hedge against inflation. This is why more high quality signature projects are being constructed. This increased interest in luxury real estate, especially in Limassol, involves mostly foreign buyers, something that in financial terms is more important, since it involves “new money” coming from abroad and being injected in the Cypriot economy.

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