Leptos Apollo Beach Villas SOLD OUT

Unbelievable but yet true! All 100 luxury seafront villas of  Leptos Estates in the Leptos Apollo Beach Villas project by the seafront of Chlorakas coast have been sold out during the crisis. Buyers and other investors are coming mainly from Russia, Scandinavia even local Cypriots but also Cypriot people living abroad.

The incomparable and unique for the Eastern Mediterranean portfolio of seafront villas by Leptos Estates, are all designed and built with distinctive characteristics, and have become a pole of attraction for purchasers and investors who believe that owning a property by the seafront is the answer to the crisis in the property development sector.

The majestic sunsets, the golden sandy beaches and even the sharp cliffs compose a amalgam of exceptional natural beauty which attracts each visitor to dream of owning his own house by the beach.

The answer therefore to the crisis has been given by the Leptos Group with projects that not only have demand for purchasing and investment but also for offering buyers their dream residence with sure investment. 

Photos: Seafront villas, the answer to the crisis given by Leptos Estates.