Leptos Kamares Village: Look around and feel the Season of Spring

Its early March, the first month of Spring, the most beautiful and amazing season when Cyprus reveals its abundant beauty. Our country’s flora has so much to show - flowers and plants that one can find only in Cyprus, invite you to look around, a haven for everyone that loves to observe nature. Although the blooming season has only just begun, there is something to see each and every month throughout the year.

Rare plants, gorgeous and unique wild flowers surface during this time in the beautiful district of Paphos and more specifically in Leptos Kamares Village, neighboring the Medival St. Neophytos Monastery.

Mr. Panayiotis Kezoudis, the Manager at Leptos Kamares Village stated that “Kamares Village is an area of outstanding beauty to which we have been privileged to add to its natural surroundings with a variety of beautiful villas dotted over the hillsides overlooking the sea. Our care and consideration for the environment has meant that we have used natural stone where many of the wild flowers are able to grow, we have planted thousands of trees and we have preserved a number of green areas to protect the natural landscape of the area.  If you are a wild flower enthusiast or you just like taking photos of wild flowers then visit us at Leptos Kamares Village where cameras will capture hundreds of plants and flowers that exist in the area and are definitely worth seeing”.

Photos : Spring time, the most beautiful season of the year.