Paphos “Park of Colours” – Biggest Park in Cyprus almost finished

May 11, 2022

The countdown for the biggest park in Cyprus, the “Park of Colours” in Paphos has already begun. It is now a matter of a few weeks before the public gets to enjoy it!

The biggest park of Cyprus is located between Ellados Avenue and the roads of the commercial center, it covers an area of 32 thousand s.m. and it is the richest park in Cyprus both in terms of greenery and infrastructure.

Hundreds of trees have been planted and it includes a playground, cafeteria, tennis and basketball courts, a small football field, a 3-6 meters climbing wall, a skateboard area, an open-air exhibition center, a botanical garden, parking places, management and information office and many more.

The name of the park was not chosen by accident. According to the architects, it is intended to remind people of the value and importance of paints in everyday life.


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