President inaugurates new development projects in Paphos

October 31, 2022

On Thursday President Nikos Anastasiades visited Paphos to inaugurate a number of development projects.

First, the President cut the ribbon for the renovated Archeological Museum of Paphos following a tour during which he saw objects discovered in archaeological excavations dating from the first prehistoric settlements in Paphos until the founding of New Paphos and its development into a metropolis.

The President then visited the city’s centre to see the completed landscaping work at the Municipal Market, as well as the renovation of Fellahoglou Street and of two nearby parking places, a project co-funded by the Republic of Cyprus and the Paphos Municipality.

“The impressive renovation of the Ibrahim Inn at Fellahoglou Street and other projects that took place in the area, it is expected that a great contribution will be made to the historic commercial centre of Paphos,” Mayor Phedon Phedonos who accompanied the President in his tour, said.

After the city centre, the President toured Kato Paphos to see the reconstruction of the fishing village, a project that cost 1.8 million euros and was co-funded by the European Union and the Republic of Cyprus.

President Anastasiades then proceeded with the inauguration of the unified archaeological sites of Kato Paphos, a project, which, as the Paphos Mayor said, contributes to the further development of the area which is included in the UNESCO list of cultural heritage.

Finally, he inaugurated the north bypass road of Geroskipou, Phase A’, in the presence of Paphos local authorities.

Referring to this project, Mayor Phedonos told the President that “this is a point where the Municipality of Paphos joins Geroskipou and Konia. It is a project that cost 6,446,230.00 euros, a bridge that in fact unites Paphos with the industrial area that includes 150 craft enterprises where more than 3,000 people work.”

He added that the project completes the northern connection of the town with the airport.

On his part, the President said that “the state is obliged, always in cooperation with the local authorities, to see the immediate needs of an area and respond to them.”

In a small ceremony tonight, local authorities will honour the President with the golden key to the city.


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