Economy Today: Sophia G. Leptos and 40 Influential Women illuminate International Women’s Day

March 8, 2024

Sophia G. Leptos was one of the 40 women who were recently interviewed by Economy Today in an effort to celebrate International Women’s Day. Through this insightful interview, Sophia shared her profound perspectives and personal experiences, contributing to the narrative that empowers women in the professional realm. View full translated interview below:

The participation of women in the labour market in Cyprus has increased in recent decades. As a worker in the modern era, what are your findings?

While the observed increase is a positive step, it falls short of our ultimate goal. In Cyprus and in general, there remains a considerable journey ahead. Often, I find myself as the only woman in meeting rooms, something that needs to change.

Fortunately, at the Leptos Group of Companies I belong to a very strong female group that inspires me every day. This group makes up 48% of our workforce, a percentage that, although high, needs to increase further. More generally, more women need to be recognised and applauded, and need to be seen more in managerial and senior positions. The woman in Cyprus must claim and demand what she deserves and as women we must support and help other women.

March 8 is a day of remembrance and honour for the struggles fought for women’s rights. To which woman/women would you dedicate this day and why?

I would like to dedicate this day to all the women in my life and to all women in general. Starting with my mother, my grandmothers, my female colleagues within the Leptos Group of Companies and my female friends. It would also be remiss of me not to mention all the women who fought and fight every day for equal rights, and have worked hard to open new doors for my generation and the next. All women inspire me in their own way, with their strength, their mind, their passion, their dedication. They remind me every day that there is no limit to what we can achieve as women and that united, we are stronger.

What measures can be taken to combat discrimination and defend women’s rights at work?

Education and Social Education play a crucial role. It is very important that the educational and social system teach children from a young age about gender equality. At the same time, employers must escape from stereotypes created by society. To give equal opportunities, equal pay, equal treatment, equal recognition, equal rights.

Sophia G. Leptos, 25, holds a BA in Business Studies (Finance) from City University of London, an MSc in Digital Marketing from King’s College London, and an MSc in Real Estate from City University of London. Within the Leptos Group of Companies, she holds an Executive Management position, overseeing diverse sectors such as Real Estate Development, Tourism, Hospitality, Education, Healthcare, and Property Management.

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