Kathimerini: P. M. Leptos – The construction sector supports development over time (translated).

January 10, 2024

Mr. Pantelis M. Leptos featured in Kathimerini.com.cy in an interesting interview about the Leptos Group and its achievements.

‘The portfolio of the Leptos Group has more than 350 projects including development complexes, hotels and commercial developments.’

What is the vision of Leptos Group?

The vision of Leptos Group is to remain the leader in land development in Cyprus. The philosophy and strategy of the Group that form this vision is the creation and development of high quality and aesthetic projects that offer elegant design, with respect for the environment and the natural resources of Cyprus.

How many projects does your portfolio include and what is the strategic approach to further expansion/enlargement of your operations?

The portfolio of the Leptos Group has more than 350 projects that include development complexes, hotels and commercial developments, which have a distinct identity, high aesthetics, excellent quality and always respect for the environment. Projects such as Limassol Del Mar, Limassol Blu Marine, Kamares Village, Coral Beach Hotel & Resort proudly adorn the Group’s portfolio.

Our strategy is based on our experience, which now exceeds 63 years, as well as our know-how. Also, the professionalism and team effort of our employees, the international sales service network we maintain, our strategic investments in the land market and our efficient customer service even after the sale. They are all important factors that will support our effort to further expand/expand the work. At the same time, Neapolis Paphos University and the private Iasis hospital are part of the Group. The development of our businesses is closely linked to social contribution, which is why Leptos Group, as part of its corporate social responsibility, supports sports, education, culture, aspects of the local community and maintains strong ties with society in which thrives and owes its development.

What is your competitive advantage? For what reasons do your works stand out?

All Leptos Group projects are characterized by their quality construction, unique locations and award-winning architectural design. Projects in secure and gated communities such as Coral Seas Villas, Limassol Park as well as state-of-the-art high-rise buildings such as Limassol Del Mar and Limassol Blu Marine, are a magnet for local and foreign buyers.

What actions have you initiated in the direction of sustainable development?

The Leptos Group has been innovating since 2000 in the field of sustainable development with the design of Neapolis Eco City. The concept of sustainable development refers to a form of development policy, which seeks to satisfy the economic, social and environmental needs of society in a way that ensures short-term as well as long-term prosperity. The Neapolis Eco City project is located in the heart of the city of Paphos. In Neapolis, a new state is being created within the city of Paphos, which includes, among other things, a state-of-the-art hospital, a university, an innovative campus, an innovative research center, a shopping center, a cultural center, large parks and residences.

*Mr. Pantelis M. Leptos is Co-President of the Leptos Group.

Original Source: https://www.kathimerini.com.cy/gr/apopseis/prosopikotites-stin-k/o-kataskeyastikos-tomeas-stirizei-diaxronika-tin-anaptyxi

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