London Loves Property: Cyprus offers the perfect destination for winter sun.

December 22, 2023

Leptos Estates featured in London Loves Property. View article HERE.

Leptos Estates have seen a marked increase in the number of expats coming to Cyprus during the winter months especially from much colder climates such as the UK, Germany and Benelux which is formed of Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg to get some winter sun especially when temperatures dip in their own countries.

According to a report by, Cyprus stands out among the destinations most sought-after on Google in 2023. This comes in a year that has seen a return to pre-pandemic levels.

Destinations that experienced significant drops in visitation in previous years are now witnessing a notable resurgence. Cyprus, as indicated by arrival statistics, ranks an impressive 6th in the top ten most searched destinations based on Google data for 2023. While search interest doesn’t necessarily translate to vacation bookings, it signifies an enhanced awareness of the destination.

1.3 million British tourists visit the island every year, representing a third of the overall arrivals to Cyprus. 110,000 foreign permanent residents also call Cyprus their home and is a favourite for visitors from Germany with 190,000 visiting the island.

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