Travel & Leisure: Did You Know Indians Can Buy Property & Get Permanent Residency In This European Country?

December 27, 2023

The following article, penned by an insightful Indian journalist Chirag Mohanty Samal recounting his experiences in Cyprus, has been featured in Travel & Leisure. Delving into the realm of real estate, Leptos Estates, a distinguished entity within the Leptos Group, beckons with its captivating array of property options in Cyprus, specifically tailored to pique the interest of Indians in search of a culturally enriching and hospitable lifestyle.

Cyprus opens doors to Indians for a future filled with cultural richness, economic prosperity, and a welcoming community.

The sunny Mediterranean Island of Cyprus, the birthplace of the goddess of love—Aphrodite, is more than just a beautiful destination. Natural beauty, easy accessibility to other European countries, quality education and healthcare facilities make this island country an ideal place to settle down. The Leptos Group offers stunning real estate options in Cyprus for Indians. Read on to find out more.

Cyprus Invites Indians To Create A Life Worth Living

Cyprus has many upcoming architectural projects.

The moment I stepped off the plane, a sense of peace and relaxation engulfed me. It was my first time in Cyprus, a country steeped in history and with strong links to ancient Greek and Roman mythology. The Greek goddess of love and beauty–Aphrodite, also known as Venus to Romans was believed to be born here. After a quick immigration check, I head to Coral Beach Hotel & Resort in Paphos, a luxury property by the Leptos Group, a leading real estate developer based out of Cyprus. With over 350 real estate projects in Cyprus and Greece, Leptos Group for more than 60 years has been offering luxury residential and commercial options to investors from across the globe.

It takes about an hour and a half to reach Paphos from Larnaca (where the airport is) and the route takes you through scenic countryside, spectacular mountains and clean, pristine beaches. I rolled down the window to look at happy families picnicking by the beach and a gust of warm wind caressed my face and lifted my spirits. Besides the natural beauty of the island, the mild and warm climate makes Cyprus a favoured destination and I couldn’t wait to begin my exploration.

A Piece of Tranquil Haven 

Sun-kissed shores meet the timeless history of Cyprus.

My room at Coral Beach Hotel and Resort overlooked the Coral Bay beach and came appointed with all modern luxuries. The white walls and woodwork in my room were inspired by local Cypriot houses. I spend the evening on the balcony of my room looking at the fiery sunset. The landscaped gardens and pathways leading to the private beach were dotted with many holidayers. As I wondered what their plans for discovering this beautiful country would include, I chalked down mine.  However, before I visited the historic monuments, imposing churches and monasteries or the much talked about Paphos harbour, I decided to check out a few projects of the Leptos Group that have drawn many Indians.

What Does Cyprus Offer Indians?

Paphos Castle stands proudly against the backdrop of sunsets and sea.

Cyprus is a lucrative destination to Indians for various reasons like its strategic location which gives easy access to all of Europe. It is a part of the European Union and by buying a property in Cyprus, buyers will be granted a permanent residency, which means they can legally live and study in Cyprus. And that’s not all! If you stay in Cyprus for more than seven years, you can apply for Cyprus citizenship and a Cyprus passport. Most importantly, this EU passport gives access to free movement across the continent. The country also offers numerous tax advantages including global income exemption, low property, income taxes, and corporate tax. The natural beauty of the island nation coupled with modern amenities and high-speed internet connectivity makes Cyprus attractive to digital nomads who look for flexible working conditions.

Tourists exploring the charming harbour of Cyprus.

Leptos Group has several projects in Paphos and I was shown Adonis Beach Villas that showcases breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea. Each villa features a private swimming pool, beautifully landscaped gardens, and inviting BBQ areas perfect for enjoying meals in the open air. The expansive verandas and ample outdoor spaces provide the ideal backdrop for relaxation and entertaining. Leptos has various properties to cater to people with different tastes and budgets. The other project that I was taken to was Aphrodite Gardens, a luxurious gated resort residence in Kato Paphos with a varied selection of one to three-bedroom apartments, penthouses, maisonettes and villas. There are many other projects scattered across the city, but I chose to move to the bustling city of Limassol next.

Adonis Beach Villa is a seaside haven where every sunset creates a memorable moment.

I stopped by the Limassol Del Mar, which is a reflection of the island’s ‘new wave’ of architecture. The entire structure has a unique high-rise curvilinear design, which fully capitalises on the plot’s 170-metre-long sea frontage. Every single apartment in this seafront project offers breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea. It is strategically located right on the Limassol seafront, easily accessible and close to the city’s luxury hotels in the heart of the city’s most vibrant area. Limassol Del Mar, besides its five-star services and facilities, also offers a collection of gastronomic and shopping experiences and is easily the most sought-after residential and leisure address.

Local sights to behold  

Turquoise waters embrace ancient history at Paphos Harbour.

It was evening by the time I was done checking the projects and I quickly made way for the Paphos harbour, one of the most scenic and famous landmarks of the coastal town. Small boats and larger ships dotted the harbour and served as a perfect backdrop to the quaint seafood taverns, cafes and souvenir shops lining the streets. A short walk from the harbour is the Paphos Castle, the most distinctive monument in the area. The castle initially served as a Byzantine fortress but it has also been a prison and a warehouse during the medieval times until the 17th century.

Indulge in the freshest catch at seafood restaurants near the harbour.

It is a small fort and an entry ticket allows you to climb up to the top from where the view is simply stunning. I stand on the top watching the waves crash against the rock and come back with greater vigour billowing foam. The sun began to sink, a vivid gold light flooded the sea and the sky donned pretty rose-yellow hues that soon changed to flaming orange with a tint of gold. As the magical sunset filled the recesses of my memory to surface later on a monotone day, I realised Cyprus holds traces of Aphrodite’s stunning beauty in its panoramic landscapes, picturesque coastlines and spectacular mountains—it’s truly a paradise to settle down in.

Golden hues painting the horizon from the historic Paphos Castle.

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