Leptos Back in Time: Paphos Harbour ‘Before’ & ‘After’

August 23, 2022

Time flies and very often we forget to stop to notice the progress and change that it brings. The Leptos Group has many examples of how time has created drastic changes in the past decades and of how the Group projects have evolved through the years.

Today we share a ‘before’ and ‘after’ bird’s eye view photograph of the Kato Paphos Harbour. On the left photography you can see how the area looked in the early 1980’s. Very few developments existed back then other than the Medieval Castle surrounded by a very small fishing port, the historic ruins of St. Paul’s Pillar, as well as the Basilica Holiday Resort and the Paphos Gardens Holiday Resort which were the first projects of the area.

Mr. Michael Leptos, Founder of the Leptos Group had a very clear vision of the potential and possibilities of the Paphos region and was one of the first to purchase land in and around the area which had genuine potential for vast quality development. He proceeded to develop Paphos and the surrounding area into the thriving and cosmopolitan town one admires today and executed projects with sophistication, quality and excellence in design, whilst remaining conscious of the environment they shared.

Since the 1960s, the Leptos Group has continued from strength to strength, building hotels, thousands of homes and holiday condominiums including multiple award-winning projects such as the renowned Leptos Kamares Village, the Coral Beach Hotel & Resort and Paradise Gardens which later continued.

All of the projects are characterised by their aesthetic charm that engages directly with the natural environment, satisfying even the most demanding palette. Seafront projects, as well as resort residences are all deigned and constructed with the philosophy of creating vibrant ‘neighborhoods’, while the hillside homes can be described as ‘precious jewels’ which enhance the Group’s diverse property portfolio.

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