Leptos Estates sets a new standard with the launch of a State-of-the-Art website.

June 22, 2023

The Leptos Group is pleased to announce the arrival of the new Leptos Estates website, accessible at www.leptosestates.com.

The new website is designed to provide an even better experience to our valued visitors and customers. After a comprehensive refresh, with a modern look and enhanced features, the new website ensures an intuitive, user-friendly journey for the public to explore the website, thus significantly enriching the customer experience and enhancing the Leptos Estates project.

Users can easily navigate the website and explore the Leptos projects in Cyprus and Greece, but also view details for over 350 the Properties available for sale. They can also find key information regarding Cypriot and Greek Permanent Residency, Headquartering, as well as holiday homes in Cyprus and Greece.  

Some very interesting new features include the Leptos History page, where users can travel back in time and discover more about how the Leptos Group was founded. Users can also view and Interactive Map, showing the locations of all the Leptos Global Offices and sales agents.

Furthermore, all information regarding new listings, Group activities and services can be found through the Press Releases and News pages.

The Leptos Group, remains a renowned organisation with a remarkable legacy spanning over 63 years, currently operating in over 75 countries worldwide. The Group’s enduring success is exemplified by its impressive portfolio of over 350 completed projects. With a focus on customer satisfaction, the Leptos Group takes pride in having delighted over 25,000 homeowners who have found their dream homes with them. Moreover, the Group possesses an extensive land bank, encompassing an impressive 5 million square meters of prime land for development.

We hope you enjoy exploring our new website as much as we enjoyed creating it. We believe it will be an invaluable resource for you, providing all the information and support you need in one convenient location.

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