Leptos Group a multidimensional organization with deep foundations

December 9, 2021

The Leptos Group of Companies, is a multidimensional organization with solid foundations and principles. As the largest and leading Group in Cyprus it bases it’s strategy on two axes. The first, is to create unique projects with sophistication, quality and excellence in design whilst remaining conscious of the environment.Secondly, the Leptos Group is a leader and pioneer in the market, constantly opening new avenues for land and developement.

The “Leptos” Group has deep historical foundations of six decades and in its course so far it has faced great challenges. The first start was in the 1960s, when Michael Leptos was the protagonist in starting the property development business in Kyrenia.

More specifically, the Leptos Group started its activities in 1961 in Kyrenia in the fields of land development and construction, creating pioneering residential and tourist units. Prior to the Turkish invasion, the Group had carried out major development projects in Kyrenia and was in the process of implementing a number of other major pioneering projects for the time. Unfortunately, these properties are still in possession.

After the Turkish invasion in 1974, the Group’s activities were directed to the Middle East and the Arabian Gulf, with priority given to large residential development projects. An example was the Saudia City project in Jeddah, which consisted of 4,000 housing units, something innovative for its time.

The next step was the “Leptos” group to put Paphos at the center of land development, given its natural beauty and history. In addition to the five-star Coral Beach Hotel & Resort, Paphos Gardens Holiday Resort and Basilica Gardens Resort, as well as other hotels, the Leptos group has focused on the construction of holiday homes, residential units, and commercial complexes.

A special example of a pioneering construction concept, with international renown, is the award-winning project “Kamares” in Paphos. Its completion has created the largest residential – holiday project in Cyprus with over 1200 villas.

The strategic projects are a strategic choice in the context of the avant-garde and the new roads that the “Leptos” Group seeks to open. The first and most ambitious of them, is located in the area of ​​Paphos and occupies an area of ​​111 hectares. It is called “Neapolis” and creates a new state in the city of Paphos. It includes, among others, a state-of-the-art hospital, university and campus, research center, shopping mall, cultural center, residences and large parks.

However, the Group’s operations are not limited to Cyprus. The group is dynamically expanding in Greece with complexes of holiday homes and hotel units. Particular weight has been given to Chania, Paros and Santorini.

The next big project is called “Costa Nopia” the development comprises of 100 coastal hectares in the bay of Kissamos in the region of Chania, Crete. Hotels, holiday homes, marinas, sports fields, golf courses, commercial and amusement parks, conference centers, etc. will be created.

The leading position of the Group is based on solid foundations: the vision of its founder, the passion and professionalism of its people, the international sales network, the large reserves of land within development zones, its vast and long experience from multiple projects in various sectors and the integrated provision of support services.

However, the strongest point of the Leptos Group is the continuous redefinition of the term “Land development” maintaining a deep-rooted concern for the environment. Leptos Group, with a dynamic business growth for over 60 years, has been transformed into a Group with multidimensional activities: Land Development, Tourism, Education, Health. At the core of its identity, however, is always the commitment to quality, innovation and creative extroversion. “Guarantee of its leading role is the fact that the Group has one of the largest asset portfolios in Cyprus”.

Leptos Group methodically implements its business strategy with offices in 75 countries and is staffed administratively and managerially with experienced, talented and specialized staff. As one of the largest employers in Cyprus, it currently employs over 1,300 employees. At the same time, prestigious personalities of our place participate in the Boards of Directors of the Group companies, while it has around 7,500 shareholders.

In times of great challenges, the Group proceeds with prudence and steady steps, combining its historical heritage and experience, with the realization of its vision potential.

In the early 1990s, the children of Michael Leptos, George and Pantelis, returned to Cyprus after their studies in England. After the death of their father in 2021, they have taken over the reins of the Group.

George Leptos is Co-Chairman and Technical Director of the Leptos Group, Chairman of the Boards of Pandora Investments Public Ltd, the University of Neapolis Paphos and Iasis Hospital and chairman or vice-president and active executive member of the board of directors. He is also in charge of many projects that include, among others, land development, architectural studies, management and construction of large projects

Pantelis Leptos is Co-President of the Leptos Group of Companies, Chairman and Member of the Board of Directors of the Public Company “LEPTOS CALYPSO HOTELS LTD”. He is also active in many other sectors related to the public of Cyprus and Paphos. He is also the President & CEO of “KARKAVATSOS & SIA Touristiki SA”. He is Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of “Neapolis University Pafos” and Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Public Company “Pandora Investments Public Ltd”.

A long-standing principle of the group is that business creation is closely linked to social supply. Thus, the “Leptos” group, in the context of its corporate social responsibility, participates actively and multifacetedly and supports sports, culture and various aspects of society.






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