Leptos Group’s Management and Staff celebrate the Limassol Del Mar

August 13, 2021

On the occasion of the completion of the first phase of the Limassol Del Mar, Management and Staff of the Leptos Group of Companies attended the first site presentation last week. The stylish cocktail event afforded many of the Group’s employees the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the landmark development, a collaboration between developers Leptos Group and D. Zavos Group that brought to life two high-rise curvilinear towers in one of Limassol’s most sought-after locations.

Pantelis Leptos, Co-President of the Leptos Group, thanked all the employees for their valuable contribution and support over the last few years, helping bring a dream to fruition. “Limassol Del Mar has played an important part in redefining the ever-changing world of architecture,” Pantelis said. “All members of the Leptos Group have contributed to the project’s success.”

In his speech, Pantelis Leptos described what it meant to be part of such a significant project. “Limassol Del Mar has certainly raised the bar for quality in real estate and construction in Cyprus. The result clearly shows that there are no limits to what one can accomplish,” he stated. “Aside from the Group’s abilities and success of developing projects of this magnitude, at the same time contributing to the economy of Cyprus, the underlying message is clear that Cyprus has the recipe for success and the island can achieve anything!”

Limassol Del Mar is a world-class seafront development comprising of state-of-the-art residences, furnished by Gianfranco Ferré Home, and featuring unobstructed views of the Mediterranean. With a plethora of luxury facilities and in-house services, the iconic landmark includes an exclusive collection of high-end boutiques in what will become Cyprus’ most premium designer shopping experience.

For more information on Limassol Del Mar, visit www.limassoldelmar.com and book your private tour today.

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