LIVE LIFE NICELY! Leptos Estates effort in the GREEN effect of Cyprus

October 27, 2021

Cyprus, a member of the EU and Eurozone is an island positioned at the crossroads of three continents in the eastern Mediterranean Sea.

Cyprus is fast-tracking a transition to an eco-friendly sustainable growth. Analysing the opportunities and benefits from the transition to a zero-emission economy, Cyprus among other things, will have a healthier environment for the citizens, new green jobs will be created, emerging opportunities for green investments and for the production of cheaper and environmentally friendly electricity, which will make the Cypriot companies more competitive in the international markets.

Leptos Estates has over the years made tremendous efforts to contributing significantly to the environment, the construction sector, the local economy and in general, to a better society of tomorrow. Our Company has become particularly and intensely aware of environmental issues and to their harmonization, in accordance with the new concepts of respect for the environment.

Our Company’s policy in the development of projects, has always been the respect of the environment in which the developments take place, with the aim of maintaining the existing natural kingdom or its enrichment, at a green level and beyond.

Also, for our Company the respect of the human factor is of utmost importance both for the tenants of the new developments but also for the population of the neighbouring areas with the development.

This is achieved with the proper design and location of buildings and other infrastructure.

Additionally, we do many tree planting festivals/activities as well. We also recently won the prestigious top environmental award for our construction department.

This helps to protect the environment and sustain its natural resources. We will endeavour to continue on this path

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