Neapolis University Pafos – The University is a full member of the UNIMED network

February 10, 2021

Neapolis University Pafos: full member of the UNIMED network (Mediterranean Universities Union)

Neapolis University in Cyprus announces that from January 2021 it is a full member of the Mediterranean Universities Union (UNIMED).

The Union began its operation in 1991 and composes a dynamic and constantly expanding network of 133 Universities in 23 different countries of the Mediterranean basin and the Euro-Mediterranean area.

It is active in many different scientific fields aiming at the development of research, expansion of the knowledge and education community in the Euro-Mediterranean area, and contributing to regional scientific, cultural, social and financial cooperation.

Through the multiple initiatives implemented during its 20 years of operation, the Union has promoted the multilateral cooperation among Mediterranean Universities, becoming a model reference point for international academic cooperation.

The Rector of Neapolis University Prof. Pantelis Sklias stated:

“We are particularly pleased with our participation and the start of our cooperation with the Mediterranean Universities Union. A collaboration which aims at strengthening the development of Neapolis University Pafos by creating important synergies and interaction with excellent Universities of the Euro-Mediterranean area of Higher Education.

It will also contribute to the further achievement of academic excellence, the production of innovative applied knowledge and the implementation of best practices of social contribution as strategic axes of operation and development of Neapolis University Pafos.”

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