Pantelis Leptos stated “that Cypriots have entrepreneurship in their DNA”.

March 9, 2017

Mr. Pantelis Leptos Vice Chairman of Leptos Group of Companies presented the Limassol Del Mar project in the presence of the Minister of Finance Mr. Harris Georgiades and the ambassadors of Cyprus’ financial and business world.

Mr Leptos said that the project has become a buyers’ attraction of unprecedented range from all over the world. “While the international demand is increasing, we need to emphasize the positive local interest we also receive from the Cypriot business community.” Mr Leptos also added that the pre sales percentage of Phase I has already reached 60% and this substantial income, is not only a major “injection” of liquidity for the Cypriot economy and development, but also provides them with the possibility of financing the construction of the entire project, creating hundreds of job opportunities.

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