Paphos Dominates Cyprus Real Estate Market with strong sales to Foreign Buyers.

September 29, 2023

Paphos continued to be the top destination for foreign real estate investment in Cyprus during the second quarter of 2023, particularly in August, surpassing all other cities in sales to international buyers, according to the official statistics published by the Government Land Registry Department.

Detailed sales figures by city in August 2023 are as follows:

  • Paphos – 171 sales
  • Larnaca – 139 sales
  • Limassol – 130 sales
  • Famagusta – 27 sales
  • Nicosia – 26 sales

The grand total of properties across Cyprus for August 2023 stands at 493 sales.

Furthermore, Paphos’ total sales of 1656 properties exceeded the total sales of 1582 properties in Limassol and 975 properties in Larnaca, further highlighting Paphos’ dominant position in the market for foreign buyers.

Paphos’ remarkable success is indicative of the enduring appeal of the Cyprus real estate market, which remains a top choice for property investments. Experts forecast strong demand for Cyprus properties throughout 2023, underscoring the nation’s ability to attract foreign investments and maintain a strong property market.

Leptos Estates, the leading property developer in Paphos with over six decades of experience, has been instrumental in this achievement. Its diverse portfolio, featuring luxury villas, apartments, and townhouses, continues to attract foreign investors seeking exceptional properties in this picturesque region.

Leptos Estates, renowned for its commitment to quality and innovation, remains at the forefront of shaping Paphos’ real estate landscape and contributing to its growth.

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