The stunning supermoon makes it appearance above Limassol Del Mar.

August 31, 2023

Last night, we were treated to a captivating and radiant sight: a significant Blue Moon, one of the most remarkable of the year. A Blue Moon has a fascinating dual meaning – it can be the third full moon in a season with four, or more commonly, the second full moon in a single calendar month. This August 2023, it appeared as the second moon, following the full moon on August 1st.

This Blue Moon was also a “Supermoon,” a term used when the full moon comes closer to Earth, creating a stunning larger-than-usual appearance in the night sky. We’re excited to share a mesmerizing photograph that perfectly captures the elegance of this Supermoon above the Leptos Limassol Del Mar. The image itself radiates breathtaking beauty.

For those who missed last night’s spectacle, there’s good news – you’ll have another chance tonight to witness this extraordinary event. The Super Blue Moon will still grace the night sky this evening, offering an opportunity that you wouldn’t want to miss. Interestingly, we’ll have to wait until 2037 for the next Super Blue Moon. This rarity will bring two relatively close together – one in January and another in March. The anticipation for this event is sure to captivate skywatchers and celestial enthusiasts alike.

Photo by: Sotiris Savvides @mr.intheory

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