Reservations surpass 10,000 for Cyprus-Greece maritime connection as demand soars

June 19, 2023

Reservations for the maritime connection between Cyprus and Greece have surpassed 10,000 since the line commenced operations, revealed Marina Hadjimanolis, the Deputy Minister for Shipping.

During a meeting on June 14 with Ioannis Papameletiou, the Greek Ambassador to Cyprus, Hadjimanolis commended the remarkable interest in the reinstated maritime connection, which resumed last year after a hiatus of more than two decades, with support from state subsidies.

According to a press release from the Deputy Ministry for Shipping, Hadjimanolis informed the Greek diplomat that, starting this year, the connection will also include trips from the port of Larnaca. This expansion aims to meet the growing demand and enhance public service provisions.

Expressing her gratitude, Hadjimanolis thanked Papameletiou for the “significant contribution” of Greece and all Greek state services, including the Piraeus Port Organisation, to the project.

Additionally, Hadjimanolis shared with Papameletiou her intention to invite the new Greek Shipping Minister, following the end-of-June elections, to attend the 2023 Maritime Cyprus Conference scheduled for October 8-11, 2023.


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