The President of Cyprus has officially re-launched efforts for the Paphos Marina in Pegeia, a key project set to transform the region into a premier Mediterranean destination.

May 28, 2024

President of the Republic of Cyprus, during his speech at the inauguration of four projects in the Municipality of Pegeia, renewed his promise to promote the Marina project in Potima, scheduling the laying of the foundation stone for the Marina. Responding to a remark by Pegeia Mayor Marinos Lambrou about the Marina in Potima being inaugurated during his administration, he noted, “Dear Mayor, rest assured that the inauguration will take place during our administration, and this is not a commitment; it is a promise that we will fulfill.

It is also a priority for the Paphos Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the realization of this project will correct a distortion that has existed for years in the Paphos district,” he added.

President Christodoulides stated that his presence today is a tangible declaration of the importance the Government places on the progress of local communities.

The President mentioned that taking advantage of his presence in Pegeia, he referred to the Pegeia Development Plan, informing that the Government, the Ministry of Interior, and the relevant Department of Town Planning and Housing are at an advanced stage for the completion of the drafting of the Pegeia Local Plan. Their goal, he said, is for the Local Plan to come into effect in the next few months.

President Christodoulides acknowledged, “I know it is something you all have been waiting for, and I am very aware that, until today, the administrative area of Pegeia has been divided in terms of urban planning. In this relatively small area, two different Development Plans are applied: the Paphos Local Plan in the Coral Bay area and the Rural Policy Statement in the remaining area, which no longer serves or responds to the modern needs and growth rate of a large municipality like Pegeia.

For these reasons, he continued, it was deemed necessary to draft a unified Local Plan that will meet the needs of the entire administrative area.

He added that he has no doubt that with the implementation of the Pegeia Local Plan, a distortion will be addressed, and the area will gain new dynamism through the promotion of sustainable development and its more rational organization. At the same time, the character and unique natural environment of Pegeia and the new Akamas Municipality are preserved, highlighting their distinct identity, he noted.

He mentioned that one of his shortcomings is that he cannot hide what he believes, and in this context, he added, addressing the attendees, that they have often heard him refer to the new Akamas municipality, which will operate in its new form in a few weeks.

The Local Government reform, said the President, is imminent, representing a huge, radical change for the local communities of our country. He continued, “I have stated in the past, and I won’t retract it, that I personally consider the division of the Akamas Communities to be a mistake.

Regardless of my personal opinion—I cannot hide what I believe—and despite the weaknesses that both the Government and the parliamentary parties generally identify, as I have repeatedly emphasized, we remain committed—and I am sure we will succeed—to faithfully implementing the legislation that has been passed. Moreover, the competent services of the Ministry of Interior and the Government, in general, are working feverishly to implement the provisions included in this major reform for our country,” he added.

President Christodoulides mentioned that in the implementation of any major reform, problems, difficulties, and challenges will certainly arise, saying, “Do not expect that there will be no problems.

However, he assured that he will continuously evaluate the data generated from the implementation of this major reform, “and if there is a need for changes, always in consultation with you, we will proceed with these changes.

He also estimated that the developments following July 1st will be unprecedented for everyone, and therefore, “unity, patience, and persistence are required until we all adapt.” First, we, the central state, the Local Authorities, and all citizens, he added. He further conveyed “the Government’s readiness, in general, to provide all possible assistance so that the transition to the new state of affairs is smooth and gradually yields the desired results for all of us.

He also expressed his certainty that the leaderships of the seven municipal districts of the Municipality of Akamas will collaborate harmoniously, prioritizing the well-being and prosperity of their fellow citizens, the development of the Municipality as a unified entity, and the preservation of the unique character of the municipal districts.

Only in this way will you be able to provide your people, the residents of the Municipality of Akamas, who will number around 30,000, with the motivation to continue creating and envisioning a better future,” he said.

The President of the Republic added that the Government remains a constant supporter and pillar for the citizens. He also mentioned that as a tourist area, the Municipality of Pegeia—and subsequently the Municipality of Akamas—attracts thousands of visitors each year who enjoy high-quality tourist services. The projects we are inaugurating today, in addition to those we have already inaugurated, I am confident, will contribute to the further enhancement of the area’s tourist product and the development of new and innovative infrastructure and services that meet the demands of the modern era, he added.

At the same time, he added, he is absolutely certain that with the creation of basic infrastructure, such as the development and improvement of the road network—something that should have been done 30 years ago—that serves all categories of users safely, the expansion of business activity in the area is encouraged, with all the positive consequences for the wider region.

Regarding the inauguration of significant projects completed in the Municipality of Pegeia, President Christodoulides expressed his satisfaction and confidence that they will improve the daily lives of both residents and visitors of the area.

He congratulated the Mayor of Pegeia, noting that the changes in the Municipality of Pegeia are evident.

In light of the implementation of the ambitious Local Government reform, the projects we are inaugurating today, undoubtedly, he continued, “will significantly contribute to achieving one of our most important goals, that of improving the quality of life for citizens.

Especially in the context of the creation of the new Municipality of Akamas, following the unification of the Municipality of Pegeia with the Communities of Akoursos, Ineia, Kathikas, Kato Arodes, Kissonerga, and Pano Arodes, the projects we are inaugurating today with an urban planning character undoubtedly enhance the services offered to locals and visitors, he said.

He said that the first projects he inaugurated as President of the Republic were in the first areas he visited as President of the Republic—the communities of Akamas—precisely because of the importance he places on this area. Together, in cooperation with the communities, they will very soon announce new actions to leverage this unique area for our country.

He also mentioned that the project for the development of the coastal walkway in the Municipality of Pegeia is part of the Ministry of Interior’s Strategic Plan 2024-2026 for the implementation of projects and regulatory plans aimed at urban and rural development. The project, approximately 1.5 kilometers long, is the first phase of the redevelopment of the Municipality’s coastal front—something that needed to be done years ago—with construction costs exceeding 2.5 million euros, he added.

He also pointed out that a pedestrian and bicycle path was constructed, along with a sports area, an outdoor gym, modern playgrounds with facilities for unobstructed access for Persons with Disabilities, fully equipped seating areas, a small amphitheater, and hygiene facilities, while landscaping was done with Cypriot plants and trees.

Additionally, he emphasized that with the impressive 40-meter-long metal footbridge, the Municipality of Pegeia and the Community of Kissonerga are connected in a safe and functional way in the area where the Paphos Marina will be constructed in the future.

The President of the Republic mentioned that it is understood by everyone that a unified, modern, linear, multifunctional park was created in the Municipality—all the projects are interconnected—which can function, among many other things, as a space for sports and recreation for all ages. The project’s aim is to create a landmark for the Municipality of Pegeia, a meeting place where residents and visitors can gather, relax, exercise, and entertain themselves by the sea, in a place of unique beauty.

The projects we are inaugurating today add to and strengthen the efforts for the development of the area, continuing a series of projects in various communities in the region that we delivered to the citizens since last winter, he added.

In his own address, the Mayor of Pegeia, who is seeking re-election, mentioned that the President’s presence is strong evidence of the tangible support they have received so far from the government and the support that will follow with the creation of the new Municipality, which will incorporate the communities of Kissonerga, Akoursos, Kathikas, Pano and Kato Arodes, and Ineia.

Regarding Western Paphos and its development, Mr. Lambrou said it is crucial to have the state itself, the President of the Republic, and his government by their side in their efforts to develop properly and with a plan, to regain the lost ground of recent decades.

Regarding the Paphos Marina, he added that the residents of this area have been tired for many years of hearing words and promises about the Paphos Marina, which will be constructed in Potima. We have been waiting for many years, decades without result, he added. He expressed his optimism that the President’s intervention will be decisive and that they will soon see significant developments on the matter.

Translated from Original Source: In Business News

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